How to get a muscular body after 40?

Trying to get some inspiration


I started at age 40 with a plan to change my body, this is how I looked…with many serious health issues.

gert bfore

Fast forward and I am now nearly 51, this is a photo of me taken a week ago.


EVERY YEAR I have managed to increase size, shape and aesthetics even past the age of 50.

Here is a short flexing vid I took with my phone in the gym locker room straight after my workout today – 27th June 2015 (1 month before I hit 51). 

This is my 11-point plan for obtaining a muscular body after the age of 40:

Point 1

Sitting on the coach with a beer in one hand, fat tummy, watching tv and generally look bad, what you don’t realize is that what you are doing is slowly dying and killing yourself. You need to look life in the eye again, you…

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